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Frequently Asked Questions

File Preparation

What size should my files be?

  • Your files do not need any modifications, editing or manipulations to be printed by
  • That said, if you do adjust your files, we recommend that you save them no smaller than the original file size.
  • When saving files as JPEG you should always use the highest JPEG quality settings available in your editing software.
  • Currently the maximum file size that can be uploaded through this site is 256MB. In addition, the maximum pixel size is 100 million pixels. Both file size and pixel size need to less than these limits in order to be uploaded. If you have a larger file, please contact us for instructions on how to submit it.
  • General tips:
    • - If you are editing your files you should be saving them as TIFF or PSD (Photoshop format) until you are done with your work
    • - Once you are done, save as JPEG for order submission
    • - Further editing should be done on the TIFF or PSD


What type of files do you print?

JPEG or PNG files.

What color space should I use for my images?

We prefer Adobe RGB or sRGB

How will my printed image look compared to what I see on my monitor?

It depends on your monitor and how it has been set up or profiled. In general, the printed image should look very close to what you are seeing on your monitor.

Are images color corrected for best results?

By default all images are color corrected individually by our experienced technicians who will make minimal adjustments where necessary, balancing color, brightness, saturation and contrast for proven results.

Can I order my MetalPrint without color correction?

Absolutely. If you do not want us to manually adjust your images simply uncheck the Color Correction checkbox in the cart. If you have any questions please contact us.

How much bleed space should I allow?

We ask that you account for 1/8" bleed space for trimming on all sides, keeping all essential elements away from the absolute edges of the image. We do not recommend adding a 1/8" border to compensate for the bleed, as this can have unpredictable results. If you would like to add a border to your image, please make sure it is at least 1/4" thick for best results.

Is there any subject matter you DON’T print?

We can print any image as long as it does not violate any state or federal laws due to explicit or copyrighted content. All of our employees sign confidentiality agreements to ensure your files are not printed or used beyond the order you submit.


How thick are MetalPrints?

MetalPrints without any mounting options are .045” (3/64") thick.

What surface is best for my image?

We have 6 surfaces, so there is a lot of room for creative choice! Generally, we recommend our 4 white base surfaces for the most accurate color results -- High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin (matte), and Textured. For a more stylized look, on our 2 aluminum base surfaces -- Sheer Glossy and Sheer Satin -- the light and white areas of your images will appear translucent to show the aluminum grain underneath. If reflection is a concern, we recommend going with Mid-Gloss or Satin or Sheer Satin. If you’re looking to display your image with a deeper color range, High Gloss or Sheer Glossy are your best bets. Mid-Gloss is a perfect compromise between our reflective High Gloss and ultra-matte Satin surfaces.

  • High Gloss - Our most brilliant, vibrant and spectacular surface with a pure white base, accurate colors
  • Mid Gloss - Brilliant surface with white base, accurate colors and less glare than High Gloss
  • Satin - Accurate colors on a white matte surface for reflection free prints
  • Textured - A non-reflective surface with a subtle pebble texture that enhances images with a soft, organic look
  • Sheer Glossy - A clear, glossy surface which allows the metal base to show behind your image
  • Sheer Satin - A clear, matte surface which allows the metal base to show behind the image

Still not sure which surface is right for you? Order a Sample Pack here for one print in each surface at a discounted rate.


Which hanging option is best for each size?

We have a wide variety of hanging options, including float mounts that make your print look like it is floating off of the wall, tradional frame mouldings, and holes drilled for hanging using your own hardware. Here are our default hangers, broken down by standard sizes:

  • Metal Float Hanger - up to 8x12/10x10”
  • Float Mount Hanger - larger than 8x12/10x10” and up to 30x45”
  • 3/4" Inset Frame - larger than 30x45” and up to 48x96”


How long will MetalPrints last?

MetalPrints on our standard surfaces last 2 to 4 times the longevity of standard photographic prints, which are archival (meaning they will last 100 years in a moderate climate, away from direct sunlight). If you know your MetalPrint will be displayed in direct sunlight, we recommend choosing Performance EXT Metal, which is proven to last 2-3 years in direct sunlight without noticeable fading.

Pricing + Samples

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Our pricing is competitive, but if you are ordering in high volume, please contact us with some details about your business and your project.

How can I stay up on sales and promotions?

Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

Can I upload my images from social media?

You can upload images from Instagram, Facebook, or Google Drive.

What is the production turnaround time for MetalPrints?

Our normal estimated production turnaround times range from 2 to 5 business days, depending on the options ordered. Production times are in business days and do not include time in transit. While we work our hardest to get orders out on time, these times are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

Production times for most products have been impacted by pandemic-related factors. Click here for the latest status on production times.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Please reply to your order confirmation email within 1 hour of placing your order with instructions on what needs to be updated, or with your request to cancel. Orders cancelled after 1 hour may have already been printed, at which time we will only be able to refund 50% of your order total. For orders that have already been shipped, please refer to our Return Policy.

Crates + Shipping

What size MetalPrints require a crate?

MetalPrints over 30” on the shorter side, or over 40” in length must be crated at an additional cost. Each crate will accommodate a maximum of 3 MetalPrints, so you can save on crating costs by ordering multiple prints at the same time. Crate costs are calculated in the cart at the time of ordering.

What are your crate and shipping costs?

Please visit our Shipping & Returns page for more information on crate and shipping costs.

How long will shipping take?

We ship Ground (3-7 business day transit), 2-day Air (a guaranteed 2-day transit), and Overnight (for next business day delivery).


What is the best way to hang a MetalPrint?

For an easy and secure way to hang your MetalPrint, we recommend a flat head nail for small sizes, and anchor with screw for large sizes. Hanging Hardware and Instructions are provided in orders containing MetalPrints with French Cleat Hangers, Stainless Posts, and Security Screws.

How do I mount the Stainless Posts to the wall?

MetalPrints with Stainless Posts will be delivered with an instructional card on how to hang (complete with diagram!), for easy, stress-free installation. To give you a quick idea...

  1. Place your MetalPrint (with pre-drilled holes) where you’d like it displayed against the wall, and trace the four holes.
  2. Drill pilot holes into the center of each circle and insert the wall anchors.
  3. Insert a screw through each Stainless Post barrel, and drill into the wall anchors.
  4. Place the MetalPrint against the Stainless Posts, and thread the screw caps through the front of the Metalprint into the barrels.

Care + Safety

How do I clean my MetalPrint?

Since your MetalPrint is sublimated with no ink actually on the surface, you can use a standard glass cleaner or water with a soft cloth to clean your MetalPrint.

Can I hang my MetalPrint outdoors?

Yes! If you know you’ll be displaying your MetalPrint outdoors, we recommend our Performance EXT Metal (available on High Gloss), as that will extend your MetalPrint’s longevity in the elements. Performance EXT MetalPrints last 2-3 years in direct sunlight without noticeable fading.

Which hanging options are waterproof?

Most hanging options are waterproof, as they are made from plastic or aluminum, with industrial strength adhesive. Double Float MetalPrints and Float Mount Hangers have foamcore material components, so those are not waterproof.

Which marker is best for signing my MetalPrint?

We recommend Bic Mark-It.

What corner option should I choose for safety?

We recommend 1/8" rounded corners if hung in high traffic areas.

Return Policy

My print arrived damaged. What do I do?

Contact us with your order number and pictures of the damage. We’ll respond with further instructions.

I’m not happy with my print. Can I return it?

We do our utmost to ensure that your prints are packaged carefully and arrive safely at their destination. We do not accept returns, however if there is damage to your MetalPrint upon arrival, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you on a quick resolution. For more information, please see our Shipping & Returns Policy.