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Feel the Image with Your Eyes Textured MetalPrints!

Metal Print with Textured Surface
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There is no need to be concerned about fingerprints, glare and scratching in high traffic areas when you choose our Textured Surface option for your Metalprint. The unique look and feel of Textured Metal will lend a soft, distinctive, fine art appearance that will set your work apart.

See For Yourself

The soft pebble texture is consistently subtle, resulting in a unique and organic look. Textured Metal still holds the same hygienic properties and amazing durability of all our MetalPrints, making them super easy to clean. You’ll find Textured Metal offered on every type of MetalPrint display available, from Single MetalPrints to Curved MetalPrints and everything in between.

Textured Surface Metal Print Animation
Close up of Textured Metal Print surface
See the Difference
  • Softens the look of modern metal
  • Highly durable and easy to clean
  • Glare and fingerprint resistant
  • Consistent texture across panels
  • Unique look and feel added to images
The Perfect Fit
  • High traffic commercial and residential areas
  • Wall décor and wall coverings
  • Vibrant image reproductions
  • Transforming interior spaces

Ordering is Easy!

Simply go to the product of your choice and select the Textured Surface.

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