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Single MetalPrint

It all starts with your digital file and a specially coated aluminum sheet. Through dye-sublimation, your images and artwork are infused into the metal, taking on rich color vibrancy, brilliant luminescence, and durability that is unparalleled.
Single Metal Print with custom personalized print on wall.

The most visually compelling and durable print medium for your images and artwork.

Featuring a stunning appearance and durable longevity, Metal Prints are designed to bring your images and artwork to life so they can be cherished for years to come. Vibrant colors and luminescence are paired with an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface that is waterproof, weatherproof and easy to clean.

  • Sizes
    From 4x4" to 48x96"
  • Surfaces
    High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, & Textured
  • Hanging Options
    Float Mount Hanger or 3/16" Holes
  • Corner Treatments
    Sharp Square, 1/8" Rounded, 3/16" Rounded, & Scalloped
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