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Flush Framed MetalPrint

Flush Frames add the same depth to MetalPrints as Inset Frames, but are instead flush with the edges of the print, lending a secure, substantial feel to the display. With 6 colors available, you can choose which one will best complement your image.
Flush Framed Metal Prints Offer a Beautiful Way to Make Your Print Standout.

Float your MetalPrint with exceptional durability and modern style.

Flush Frames are available in 6 shades of aluminum, floating your MetalPrint off the wall with added depth and security.

  • Sizes
    From 5x5" to 48x96"
  • Surfaces
    High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, & Textured
  • Frame Styles
    1-1/4" Thickness (1-5/16" including the MetalPrint)
  • Frame Colors
    Black, Silver, Dark Pewter, Light Pewter, Gold, and Copper
  • Hanging Options
    Wire Hanger
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