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Assembled with multiple images, Clusters are available in dozens of convenient and popular pre-designed configurations. It's easy to curate your collection of images while filling walls, with only a few drag-and-drops. These combinations of MetalPrint sizes and arrangements become impressive conversation pieces for any viewer.
Landscape triptych

The vibrant luminescence of Metal Prints is amplified when displayed in Clusters!

Metal Prints are designed to bring your images and artwork to life, while Clusters are designer groupings that allow you to expand your work into a collection. Featuring an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface that is waterproof, weatherproof and easy to clean, MetalPrint Clusters are perfect for any environment - indoor or outdoor, and residential or commercial.

  • Sizes
    44 Choices, 20x20" and Larger
  • Arrangements
    14 Designer Groupings
  • Mounting
    Float Mount Hangers, 3/4" Inset Frames, or 3/16" Holes in 4 Corners
  • Surfaces
    High Gloss, Mid-Gloss, Satin, Sheer Glossy, Sheer Satin, Textured & Performance EXT
  • Corner Treatments
    Sharp Square, 1/8" Rounded, 3/16" Rounded, & Scalloped
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